Do you settle for emotional, physical, or spiritual pain when you know you could be living for so much more?


Among the most difficult parts of any healing journey is that first step.  Whether you found us because of sexual brokenness, emotional pain, relational difficulties, or another life crisis, you have taken a courageous first step towards healing by coming here.  

We recognize how difficult this process can be.  Because of that, we offer a safe, non-judging, non-shaming place where we can work together to bring your life to a place where you can find health, freedom, and peace.

We would like to hear from you.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation.  


Dan's new book, "Letters from a Sex Addict: My Life Exposed," co-authored with Wendy Conquest, is out!  You can find it on Amazon by clicking HERE.


 Dan Drake and Wendy Conquest on Mental Health News Radio with Kristin Walker: