We are therapists providing the following services:

Individual Therapy

We believe that every human being deserves dignity and respect, no matter what they have done in the past or what problems they might have.  When you come to individual counseling with us you can expect a warm, genuine, non-shaming, and confidential place where we can work together on the area or areas in your life that are keeping you from meeting your full potential.  We will work collaboratively with you to meet your treatment goals.


Couples Therapy

We use our experience and training in Marriage and Family Therapy to help you and your partner heal from problematic communication, working through the complicated issues of betrayal and devastation from infidelity or addiction, premarital counseling, or if you simply want a healthier relationship than you already have.


Group Therapy

Psychotherapy groups are a great cost-effecteive way to get healing.  Therapy groups generally have between 3-8 members in them, and they can really help you with accountability, support, and learning to be intimate and grow in intimate connection with other human beings.  Dan is currently facilitating 2 weekly psychotherapy groups for sex addicts.  Click here for more information about groups Dan provides.


Adolescent Therapy

For many of us, adolescence was a difficult time in our lives.  With all the challenges adolescents face today, they often need extra support to cope.  If you are an adolescent or the parent of an adolescent, you have a special place in our hearts.  Dan and Heather have worked for years with adolescents and young adults as therapists, mentors, and consultants.  Dan has also worked with children and adolescents with autism, Asperger's Disorder, and other special needs on their behavior problems, hyperactivity, social skills, and relationships with parents and friends.  This time in life has a unique set of struggles.  So, if you are and adolescent or young adult, we would be happy to hear your story.


Family Therapy

Every family needs to balance issues such as how close or distant the family will be, how to deal with flexibility with rules, losses, changes, friendships, relationships, stressors and life cycle transitions.  If your family is struggling in one of these or another areas, the chaos can feel insurmountable.  We use our background and training in family systems to help families manage the issue or issues they are experiencing in the present so that they can grow into a healthy future.


Lectures and Workshops

One of Dan's passions is teaching, and he has taught both in the U.S. and internationally.  Whether you are looking for a facilitator for a workshop at church or sober living house, or a training at a university or treatment center, Dan is willing and able to come speak to groups on a variety of issues.