Why should I go to therapy?

Some people are able to deal with problems on their own or with close friends or family.  Many, however, need a professional to help them through difficult seasons in their lives. If you are an individual facing addiction, or if your partner or family member is an addict, it is vital to receive professional help.  Because of the shame, pain, destruction, and consequences of addiction, especially sex addiction, it is really important to receive professional help to maximize potential for sobriety and minimize destruction related to sexual acting out.


Aren’t 12-step programs enough? 

Some individuals do find that 12-step programs are enough to get them sober and heal their relationships.  However, many find that the complexities of addiction, depression, anxiety, trauma in their relationships, and personality factors are too much to deal with on their own.  We are available for those that do need more support to achieve sobriety and heal relationships.